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KAMA MAKRAMA is a shop located in Norway. I try to find the cheapest shipping options available, but macrame cords are very heavy and the shipping prices tend to increase the heavier the package is. Check shipping rates below for exact prices.



  • cords - 99 (standard) or 149 (fast) NOK

  • BIG macrame wall hangings - 179 NOK

  • macrame key chains, plant hangers, macrame Lofoten collection - 79 NOK

  • macrame wall hangings, macrame landscapes, macrame baby swing - 99 NOK


The rate charged for the shipping of your order is based on the weight of your products, and your location. Before the final checkout page you will be shown what the cost of shipping will be, and you will have a chance to not place your order if you change your mind.


0-1 kg 312 NOK

1-2 kg 338 NOK

2-3 kg 364 NOK

3-4 kg 390 NOK

4-5 kg 416 NOK

5-6 kg 442 NOK

6-7 kg 468 NOK

7-8 kg 494 NOK

8-9 kg 520 NOK

9-10 kg 546 NOK



0-1 kg 348 NOK

1-2 kg 410 NOK

2-3 kg 472 NOK

3-4 kg 534 NOK

4-5 kg 596 NOK

5-6 kg 658 NOK

6-7 kg 720 NOK

7-8 kg 782 NOK

8-9 kg 844 NOK

9-10 kg 906 NOK



There is no right of withdrawal on physical goods – MACRAME ART, as all the products are made to order and as it is handmade, it takes a lot of time to make each individual product.


There is a right of withdrawal on physical goods – MACRAMRE CORDS AND ACCESSORIES. For undamaged product, simply return it with its included accessories and packaging along with the original receipt within 14 days of the date you receive the product, and I will exchange it or offer a refund based upon the original payment method.

In addition, please note the following:

The buyer must notify the seller of the use of the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the deadline. The deadline includes all calendar days.

The cancellation deadline is considered complied with if notification is sent before the expiry of the deadline. The buyer has the burden of proving that the right of withdrawal has been exercised, and the notification should therefore be made in writing


When using the right of withdrawal, the item must be returned to the seller without undue delay and no later than 14 days from notification of use of the right of withdrawal has been given. The buyer covers the direct costs of returning the item.


If the good is defective, the Purchaser must notify the Seller that he/she wishes to invoke the defect within a reasonable amount of time after the defect was discovered or should have been discovered. The Purchaser is always considered to have given timely notice if it occurs within two months after the defect was discovered or should have been discovered. Notice may be given no later than two years after the Purchaser took possession of the good. If the good or parts of it are meant to last considerably longer than two years, this deadline is extended to five years.

If the good has a defect and this is not due to the Purchaser or to conditions on the part of the Purchaser, the Purchaser may, in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Consumer Purchases Act, withhold the purchase sum, choose between repair and replacement, demand a price reduction, demand that contract be terminated and/or demand compensa- tion from the Seller, according to the relevant cir- cumstances.

Notice should be given to the Seller in writing ( email: The email must contain a short description of what is wrong with an item and a picture, as well as personal detail and order number.


The Purchaser may choose between having the defect repaired or the delivery of an equivalent item. The Seller may however oppose the Purchaser’s claim if carrying out the claim is impossible or causes the Seller to incur unreasonable expenses. Repair or replacement shall be performed within a reason- able amount of time. The Seller does not as a rule have the right to more than two attempts to cure for the same defect.


The Purchaser may demand a suitable price redu- ction if the good is not repaired or replaced. This means that that relation between the reduced and originally agreed price corresponds to the relation between the item’s value in defective condition and the condition according to the original contract. If special circumstances call for it, the price reduction may instead correspond to the defect’s impact on the Purchaser.


If the good is not repaired or replaced, the Purchaser may also cancel the purchase in cases where the defect is not immaterial.


Claims must be directed to the Seller within a reasonable time frame in accordance with Sections 9 and 10. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. If this is not successful, the Purchaser may contact the Consumer Council of Norway for mediation. The Consumer Council may be reached on (+47) 23 400 500 or at

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